Tanabe Chikuunsai IV


b. 1973, Osaka, Japan

  • 1991

    Graduated from the art department of Osaka Craft High School

  • 1999

    Graduated from Tokyo Art University, majored in sculpture

  • 2000

    Graduated from Oita Prefecture Bamboo Craft Training Center

Exhibitions & Accolades
  • 1999

    Rookie Award, Newcomer Exhibition in Sakai City

  • 2000

    Labor Ministry Award, All Japan Technical Exhibition
    Oita Governor Award, Bamboo Craft Exhibition
    Family Exhibition, Cortland Jessup Gallery, Boston, MA

  • 2001

    Sakai Mayor Award, Sakai Art Exhibition

  • 2002

    Yomiuri Television Award, All Kansai Art Exhibition
    Y-G Art Exhibition, Irohani Gallery
    Bridge Exhibition, Florence Lynch Gallery, NY
    Solo Exhibition, Cortland Jessup Gallery, NY
    Bamboo Works Exhibition, Osaka Modern Art Center

  • 2003

    Solo Exhibition, Wacol Gallery, Tokyo
    BRIDGE Exhibition, Sakai City Hall and Wellington Art Hall
    SPOERRI Exhibition, Volkerkunde Museum, University of Zurich
    Japan-Holland Cultural Exhibition, Laikus National Museum, Leiden University

  • 2004

    Exhibit and Workshop at the Hand Workshop Art Center, Richmond, VA

  • 2006

    Demonstration at Seattle Art Museum, WA
    Hin: The Quiet Beauty of Japanese Art, Grinnell College, IA and Chicago Cultural Center, IL
    The Tanabe Family: Four Generations of Bamboo Artists, Ruth and Sherman Lee Institute, Hanford, CA
    The Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

  • 2007

    The Next Generation, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA

  • 2008

    The Tanabe Lineage: Four Generations, TAI Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
    New Bamboo: Contemporary Japanese Masters, Japan Society, New York, NY

  • 2009

    Many Shapes of Bamboo III, Oita Prefectural Art Museum

  • 2010

    Received the Bavarian States Prize
    Modern Masters, Handwerkskammer for Munich und Oberbayern, Munich

  • 2014

    ZEN: Tanabe Shochiku & WakamiyaTakashi, TAI Modern, Santa Fe, NM
    Demo, Ruth Funk Textile Center, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL
    Workshop, Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, Delray Beach, FL

  • 2015

    Solo Exhibition, Mingei Japanese Arts, Paris
    The 44th Japan Traditional Crafts Kinki Exhibition / Traditional Japanese Crafts Kinki Prize
    Bamboo × Lacquer, Takashimaya Art gallery, Osaka and Tokyo
    MODERN TWIST Contemporary Japanese Bamboo Art, Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts, Melbourne, FL
    Bamboo installation Beyond connection, French guest house, La Celle-Saint-Cloud
    Takashimaya Art Prize

  • 2016

    Solo Exhibition/ Bamboo installation GODAI, Guimet Museum, Paris
    Craft Arts: Innovation of Tradition and Avant-Garde, and the Present Day, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
    Biennale des Antiquaires , Grand Palais, Paris
    The 63rd Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition / Japan Crafts Association Encouragement Prize

  • 2017

    Masterpieces of Japanese Bamboo Art, TAI Modern at Joan B Mirviss LTD, New York, NY
    Solo Exhibition/ Celebration of becoming Chikuunsai 4th, Osaka/Tokyo
    Bamboo-Fiber built Japan, Japan House, Sao Paulo
    Japanese Bamboo Art: The Abbey Collection, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY

  • 2018

    Fendre L’ Air, Musee du Quai Branly Jacques Chirac, Paris
    Lines and Shapes, Lines and Spaces: The Bamboowork of Iizuka Rokansai and Tanabe Chikuunsai, Musée Tomo, Tokyo, Japan

  • 2020

    Masterpieces of Bamboo Art: Katsushiro Soho and Fujinuma Noboru, Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts, Utsunomiya, Japan

    Masterpieces of Bamboo Art: Katsushiro Soho and Fujinuma Noboru, Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts, Utsunomiya, Japan

    Winter Shadows, TAI Modern, Santa Fe, NM

  • 2021

    The Possibilities of Bamboo Craft, A solo exhibition by Tanabe Chikuunsai IV , MAYU Gallery, Tokyo

    Connection ? Cycles, A solo exhibition by Tanabe Chikuunsai IV, YUMEKOUBOU Kyoto

    KYOTOGRAPHIE 2021, Site Nijo-jo Castle – World Heritage, Kyoto

    Go for Kogei 2021, Shoko-ji Temple, Toyama City

Museum Collections
  • Eskenazi Museum of Art at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
    Guimet Museum, Paris
    Japan Imperial Household Agency, Tokyo
    Long Beach Museum of Art, CA
    Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, MN
    Morikami Museum, Miami, FL
    Museo Nacional de Arte, Bolivia
    Museum Fine Art, Boston, MA
    Peruano-Japonés Centro Cultural, Peru
    Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA
    San Francisco Asian Art Museum, CA
    Seattle Museum of Art, WA
    The British Museum, London
    The Museum of Fine Arts Gifu
    The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY
    The Ruth and Sherman Lee Institute for Japanese Art, Hanford, CA
    Victoria and Albert Museum, London

  • Masterpieces of Japanese Bamboo Art

  • The Next Generation

  • ZEN: Tanabe Shochiku x Wakamiya Takashi