Monique van Genderen Recognized by Headlands Center for the Arts

Original announcement

California | Visual
Chiaro Award Program 2019

Artist Statement

Engaged with the language of abstraction, I explore all the nuances of possible readings; the linguistic, the narrative, the figurative, and the strategic. My own painterly language is a development of individual brushstrokes ranging from the calligraphic to drips of gravitational pull. Manipulating scale to generate a physical and psychological sphere, I expand painting beyond the confines of its traditions, addressing the conditions of our patterns of thought, expectations, and acquired knowledge to create an alternative environment. My love of painting prompts me to continue to create works with depth, energy, and innovation.

While At Headlands

During my residency at Headlands I will continue to make bold, unfettered paintings while experimenting with mediums and materials under different conditions from my Southern California reality. I am excited to expand my research on West Coast painting, with its varied influences, migrations, and histories, within the Northern California context.