Artist Statement

I had a very anxious and harried early childhood. Drawing and making things was my way of creating order and having purpose.

By age seven I knew that I wanted to be an artist. I started like most children with coloring, drawing and then sewing and building. At age four I got a small Singer sewing machine for Christmas and started making doll clothes. I also got a carpentry set that same year and made birdhouses. By the second grade I made some of my school clothes. In elementary school I made the obligatory reports and notebooks and they were always very illustrated with cutouts, collage, and sometimes with movable parts.

I grew up in the American Southwest under sundrenched abstract skies and horizons a hundred miles distant over open desert. I like space and light and rich color. This was reflected in my early tapestry work and now in my constructed works. I have combined the texture of fabric and papers with prints and painting to make constructed works that are sometimes sewn together. It satisfies my interest in layering color and images.