Oki Toshie

June 24, 2022–July 23, 2022

ARTIST TALK: June 25, 3pm

One of bamboo art’s few female artists presents her first solo exhibition in the United States. This impressive Japanese artist shares her joy, creativity, and drive for beauty and expression with each piece.

Oki Toshie (b. 1976) is a self-proclaimed introvert who cherishes the opportunity to communicate through her artwork. Her strongest desire is to create works that will move the hearts of viewers. “I try to balance my personal expression with beauty of form,” she says. “It is a constant process of trial and error, but I am proud to say that I put my heart and soul into each piece I create.”

The last student of Living National Treasure Iizuka Shokansai, her engagement with Japanese bamboo art began at an exhibition she visited while in high school. She was amazed that a utilitarian object such as a basket could reflect artistic vision. “Japanese people are particularly good at expressing themselves within the limitations of a fixed form, such as in haiku and tanka poetry,” says Oki. In a similar way, Oki expresses herself within the constraints of vessel forms, creating elegant and evocative trays and flower baskets.

One of the foremost bamboo artists working in Japan, Oki’s exhibition at TAI Modern includes this year’s Asahi Newspaper Prize winning piece from the Eastern Division. Her works have been included in major museum collections and exhibitions throughout the United States and Japan.