Watanabe Chiaki


b. 1969, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan

  • 1993

    Graduated Tohoku Fukushi University in Social Welfare, worked for the Red Cross Hospital for 14 years

  • 2007

    Resigned his job to become a bamboo artist

  • 2010

    Graduated from SADO School, and became a student of Honma Hideaki’s

Exhibitions & Accolades
  • 2009

    Admitted to the 64th Niigata Prefectural Art Exhibition on his first attempt
    Admitted to the 6th Sado City Art Exhibition for the first time

  • 2010

    Admitted to the 65th Niigata Prefectural Art Exhibition

  • 2011

    Winner of the Governor’s Prize at the 48th Modern Craft Art Exhibition, Niigata
    Winner of the Encouragement Prize at the 7th Sado City Art Exhibition
    Winner of the Best Young Artist Prize at the 15th National Bamboo Art Competition

  • 2012

    Admitted to the 50th Japan Modern Craft Art Exhibition for the first time
    Admitted to the 66th Niigata Prefectural Art Exhibition
    Admitted to the 8th Sado City Art Exhibition
    Winner of the Encouragement Prize at the 49th Modern Craft Art Exhibition, Niigata
    Winner of the Governor of Tochigi Prize at the 16th National Bamboo Art Competition
    SADO Contemporary show with Honma Hideaki, TAI Gallery, Santa Fe, NM


I was born in Toyama in 1927 as the youngest child of my family.

Quite honestly, I consider myself an artisan. If others see artistic quality in my work, that is a reflection of my “shokunin damashii” (a pride of craftsmanship). I only work in the twill plating. Within this limited realm, I always push myself to a new innovation. I am constantly thinking of making something “of the age.” A beauty to me is not static. It is dynamic.

As a media, bamboo has certain advantages such as split so finely so that it is very suitable to express grace and refined elegance.  Thinking of patterns, color coordination, proportions and posture all the time, keep my brain young and flexible. To think as a craftsman, mastering a technique and constantly improving and renovating it is not a bad idea. That is one of the ways you can increase your income by increasing your productivity.

I am happy when I succeed my new innovation, and I am happier if people like the work and value it.

  • Sado Contemporary: Sculpture by Honma Hideaki & Watanabe Chiaki