Kawashima Shigeo


b. 1958 Tokyo, Japan



1979, Graduated from Oita Prefectural Beppu Advanced Technology Academy


Exhibitions & Accolades

1981, Admitted to Beppu City Art Exhibition (thereafter 3 times)

1982, Winner of Beppu City Art Exhibition Prize (thereafter 2 times)

1982, Admitted to Oita Prefecture Art Exhibition

1982, Admitted for first time to Japan Traditional Craft Arts Exhibition, Western Division (thereafter admitted 2 times)

1983, Winner of Oita Prefecture Art Exhibition Award

1983, Winner of Western Japan Traditional Craft Arts Exhibition Award

1987, Solo Exhibition, Gallery Momiyama, Kanagawa

1989, Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition in Osaka and Tokyo

1990, Odawara Open-air Maquette Exhibition in Kanagawa

1992, Solo Exhibition, Plaza Gallery, Tokyo (also in 1994)

1993, Winner of Funabashi Environmental Sculptures Prize (thereafter 2 times)

1993, Solo Exhibition, Gallery Space You, Kanagawa (thereafter 2 times)

1993, International Tannan Art Festival I Fukui (also in 1996)

1993, Shinobazu Object Festival, Tokyo (thereafter 2 times)

1993, Humor Art and Environmental Sculpture Exhibition, Chiba (thereafter 2 times)

1994, Winner of Shinobazu Object Festival Prize

1994, Park and Sculpture-Origin of Public Space I, Kanagawa (thereafter 3 times)

1994, Sculpture in Living Space, Kanagawa

1994, B. P. F. ART ’94, Chiba

1995, Mitsukoshi House Pavilion-Bamboo Arts, Tokyo

1995, Fieldwork in Fujino,Kanagawa (thereafter 2 times)

1997, Park and Sculpture-Report, Gallery Space You, Kanagawa

1997, Chiba Art Flash, Chiba

1998, Fieldwork and Sculpture, Puurs, Belgium

1998, Fujino International Art Symposium Summer Art Festival, Kanagawa

1998, Art on the Street, Kanagawa

1999, Solo Exhibition NAN-O-TUBE, Tokyo International Forum

2000, Bamboo Fantasies,TAI Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2000, SOFA New York

2000, SOFA Chicago

2002,The Next Generation, University of Arkansas, Little Rock

2002, Commissioned to do site specific sculpture, “Bridge Over Tomorrow”, Villa Montalvo, Saratoga, California

2002, International Art & Design Fair, New York

2002, SOFA New York

2002, SOFA Chicago

2003, SOFA New York

2003, Antiques Chicago

2003, SOFA Chicago

2003, Outdoor Installation on Robert & Karen Duncan property, Lincoln, Nebraska

2004, International Asian Art Fair, New York City

2004, Antiques Chicago

2004, SOFA New York

2005, The San Francisco International Art Exhibit

2005, International Art & Design Fair, New York City

2005, SOFA Chicago

2006, The Arts of Pacific Asia Show, San Francisco

2006, Palm Beach!, Florida

2006, Art Miami

2006, On Site / Artists’ Projects, Visual Arts Center of Richmond, Virginia

2006, Hin: The Quiet Beauty of Japanese Art, Grinnell College, Iowa

2006, Hin: The Quiet Beauty of Japanese Art, Chicago Cultural Center

2006, Power & Delicacy: Master Works of Japanese Bamboo Art, TAI Gallery

2007, Palm Beach!, Florida

2007, Art Miami, Florida

2008, Outdoor Installation at the Kennedy Center,Washington, DC

2008, Created an indoor sculpture at the Chihuly Center, Franklin Park, Ohio

2008, SOFA New York

2008, International Asian Art Fair, New York City

2008, Palm Beach!, Florida

2008, New Bamboo:Contemporary Japanese Masters, The Japan Society, New York

2009, Many Shapes of Bamboo III, Oita Prefectural Art Museum, Oita Japan

2009, SOFA New York

2009, SOFA West: Santa Fe, New Mexico

2009, Art Miami, Florida

2010, SOFA New York

2010, Art Chicago

2010, Dallas Art Fair

2010, SOFA West: Santa Fe, New Mexico

2010, SOFA Chicago

2010, Art Miami

2011, SOFA New York

2011, Art Chicago

2011, Dallas Art Fair

2011, Art Antiques London

2011, Houston Fine Art Fair

2011, SOFA West: Santa Fe, New Mexico

2011, International Fine Art & Antique Dealers Show, New York City

2011, SOFA Chicago

2012, SOFA New York

2013, Oita’s Art Movement, in partnership with the Oita Prefectural Government, a museum quality show, TAI Gallery, Santa Fe

2014, Group show, Japanese American Cultural Community Center, Los Angeles

2017, Masterpieces of Japanese Bamboo Art, TAI Modern at Joan B Mirviss LTD, New York, NY

  • Masterpieces of Japanese Bamboo Art

  • The Next Generation

  • Oita’s Art Movement

  • Oita’s Art Moment