b.1990 in Niigata, Japan

Ebana Misaki is the youngest professional bamboo artist in Japan. She exhibits in theJapan Traditional Craft Arts Exhibitions. Ebana graduated from the Sado School where she learned three years of basic bamboo art training under professional bamboo artists Kawano Shoko and Honma Hideaki. She now spends two weeks out of each month in Tokyo studying further under Tanaka Kyokusho. Ebana still follows her teachers’ technical styles, yet she has quickly adapted these techniques for her own elegant, classic forms that are uniquely her own. Her technical control and finishes are remarkable considering that she has only worked with this material for a few years.


2011, Admitted to the Sado City Art Exhibition
2012, Admitted to the 52nd Eastern Japan Traditional Craft Art Exhibition for the first time
2013, Graduated from the SADO School
2013, Admitted to the 53rd EasternJapan Traditional Craft Art Exhibition
2013, Apprenticed to Tanaka Kyokusho2014,Winner of the Asahi Newspaper Prize at the 54th Eastern JapanTraditional Craft Art Exhibition
2015, Admitted to the 55th Eastern Japan Traditional Craft Art Exhibition
2016, Winner of the Encouragement Award at the 56th Eastern Japan Traditional Craft Art Exhibition