The Perfect Machine: Lance Letscher Exhibit at D Berman Gallery

By Spike Gillespie
PublishedApril 20, 2010

One again, D Berman Gallery unleashes yet another fabulous installation. This time around, visitors can take in—and, if the price is right, take home—one of the fantastic Letscher collages currently on display.

Sure, I enjoy a good black and white photo exhibit from time to time, but color pulls me in even more. In “The Perfect Machine,” Letscher serves up his vision just the way I prefer it: bright, busy and, in some instances, three-dimensional—pieced together from whatever found prints the Austin artist happened upon during his creative jaunts around town.

If bold and beautiful sounds like your bag too then don’t miss this exuberant collection…

Book’em! Score an Advanced Copy

In addition to pieces on display, D Berman is selling copes of Letscher’s new book, also titled The Perfect Machine.

Technically, Letscher aimed this book at kids, but don’t let that fool you. Adults will dig the whimsy collected within (and in fact, maybe we need it even more than the little people).

Diehard Letscher fans should also appreciate the opportunity to score an advanced copy—The Perfect Machinedoesn’t officially hit shelves until September.

April 1 – Mat 15, 2010