Miami Art Zine – Arteamericas in Miami Beach

Remember when we waited all year to see a tepid Miami art show? Probably not; it was some time ago. The joke used to be that the only culture was in our yogurt, or something like that. Don’t quote me. Now we’re spoiled for choice in art exhibitions.

I debated going to the Arteaméricas Fair and decided that it is always interesting to see what is au courant. Seventy galleries representing 300 artists from 16 countries in the Americas converged in the Miami Beach Convention Center, March 16-18, for the fifth year of the Latin American Art Fair. I went midday on a beautiful Sunday and enjoyed a crowdless experience. Is everyone jaded from the long winter season? You’ve got to have more “stick-to-it-ness,” troops. We’re almost at the end of season—hang in there! Check out the photo gallery in the site for a virtual tour.

[…] Some pieces were quite whimsical, while others exhibited more gravitas. There was no one (ahem) oeuvre that dominated the show and mixed media was in abundance: Works in beads, copper wire, stone, feathers and lets not forget Snoopy and Simpsons characters adorned with ancient icons. That one took me a minute.

Young Cuban artist Carlos Perez Vidal’s altars resurrect symbolism with archeological evocations. His Twenty Seven Chosen and One Errant can take awhile to fully absorb all the cultural references. You can catch him in a group show in New York City at “Exit Art: An Exhibition of Cuban Artists from the 1980’s to the Present” May 12 to August 18 at 475 10th Avenue.

Each show is an opportunity to expose us to the rest of the world and to contemplate how we are proceeding both as a separate entity and together on the world stage. Artistic expression is often the first rumblings of a shift in thought and sensibilities. Miami now has a viable voice. This has been achieved in a sudden explosion of cultural venues and talents. Yea us!