Artist Statement

I create sculptures about space and time, about the magnificence and mystery of the universe. Six years ago, I moved to the city of Matsumoto, where the sky and mountains spread out before my eyes. I am becoming more and more inspired by the beauty of this area.

Working with bamboo, it is almost impossible to have total control over the form that you intend to make. When I make my art, I am in constant dialogue with the bamboo. This material’s unique pliability allows me to draw beautiful, naturally curving lines in space. The textures I create cannot be achieved with any other medium. I feel great satisfaction when working together with the bamboo leads me to create a sculpture beyond my imagination.

Collectors in the U.S. have almost single-handedly supported my artistic career. I am so grateful to them. It is my hope to create many more works which will inspire the viewer. I also hope to devote my time to training the next generation of bamboo artists. Keeping the art form alive and passing it on to future generations is the best way for me to honor all the support I have been given.

–Honda Syoryu